Fiberglass for dental use Glassarm

The positive qualities of the application of fiber glass are transparent - white color, biocompatibility, high durability and a chemical compound with adhesives [Aslamova M.S., 1966]. Fiber glass is wide spread in stomatology practice, having allowed to make esthetic and strong adhesive bridges. Some lack of fiber glass tapes and laces is blooming of fibre at(while) cutting.To prevent the blooming it is necessary to render in a site of a cut the adhesive with its subsequent polymerization [GlasSpan]. But thus there are difficulties at adaptation of the polymerized site of the fibre.

At application of fiber glass we suggest with the purpose of prevention of blooming of a fibre instead of cutting to make its fusion. At adaptation of a fibre to a tooth or on plaster model the fused site is easily separated from a fibre.

Before application of a fibre it is desirable to process it by silane. Now many stomatologic firms release special silane, also it is possible to use silane from various stomatologic sets, for example, used for fixing ceramic inset.

Made of Glassarm adhesive dental bridge maintains loading equal 261 kg [Yervandyan A.G., 2004], that is in 3,2 times more than loading in the sum maintained by parodentium [Chedzhemov I.B., 1977].

The advantages of the adhesive dental bridge reinforced with fiber glass are high durability, esthetic, absence of the metal, full biocompatibility etc..

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