Fiberglass for dental use Glassarm

Example of laboratory manufacture of adhesive dental bridge made from fiberglass Glassarm based on the tab and pin in the root

We fill the channel with a liquid composite. We enter impregnated with adhesive fiber glass in the channel, we render small quantities{amounts} of a composite on an intermediate part. We stack fiber glass on a composite and in a cavity of a tooth. We impose a composite on a fibre and lit it. We cut off the surplus of fiber glass We carry out final modellinf of adhesive dental bridge (pontic) Here is the view of the ready adhesive dental bridge (pontic)

  Here is given an example of laboratory manufacturing adhesive dental bridge with application of fiber glass Glassarm. In this case the support of adhesive dental bridge are intraroot inlay on 25th tooth and intracoronal inlay on 27th tooth.

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