Fiberglass for dental use Glassarm

GLASSARM represents a fiber glass cord - stocking in diameter of 1,1 mm.
Fiber glass is formed of the fused glass. It possesses high temperature constancy, the module of elasticity, breaking strength, high biocompatibility [Aslamova M.S., 1945].
Uniqueness of fiber glass is that it becomes stronger on break with reduction of the cross-section size of elementary strings [ Aslamova M.S., 1945]. Besides, other positive qualities of a fibre are unchangable sizes of strings under action of a liquid [Perepelkin K.E., 1985], despite of hygroscopicity of a fibre that equals 0,22 % of the general dry weight [Aslamova M.S., 1945].
Now in the stomatologic market there are tapes and laces of various firms - manufacturers: GlasSpan (Glasspan Inc.), Fiber-SplintML (Polydentia); FibreKor, SPLINT-IT (PentronCorporation); J-Fiber (JenD LLC).
Glassarm is the first domestic fiber glass used in stomatology.Toxicological researches have shown, that Glassarm on toxico-hygienic and sanitary - chemical parameters meets the requirements, showed to medical products of similar purpose (the toxicological conclusion 43-05 from 09.02.2005).
Also technical tests of the fiber glasses Glassarm have established the conformity Specification 9391-001-0110507207-2005 (the Certificate{Act} 77/2005.12.06 PTI)
Clinical tests were held, on the basis of branch orthopedic stomotology CSRIS (report 34 19.12.2005), faculty of orthopedic stomatology MSMSU (report 3 from February, 16 2006г.) and the clinical center of stomatology of Federal medical and biologic agency of Russia (report 43 from December, 8 2005г.), the applications which have established an opportunity to destination in medical establishments of a stomatologic structure.
Now fiber glass Glassarm is on the last stage of registration in FOM the Centre of science of examination of means of medical application " Federal service on supervision in sphere of public health services and social development.

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